Dry Freight Container

Similarly known as shipping container, cargo container, storage container, sea box, corrugated steel box, General Purpose Container, sea freight container, intermodal freight containerand with many more terms

The backbone of domestic & international trade, they are reusable for transportation and storage purposes, this eases to pack and move almost anything in them, from and to varied locations and countries. Containers are almost invincible and perpetual and one can depend on them for their durability as well as use them vigorously. Corrugation is the key that plays the most important role in making these containers unbreakable.

There are a numerous activities, which can be performed by and in these steel boxes. The standard sizes are 40`x8`x8.6`, 40x`8`x9.6`, 20`x8`x8.6` & 20`x8`x9.6` . Well that`s just standard sizes, we can convert them into any shape & size. You need a container in shape of pyramid! You call us.

Standard Internal and external dimensions

We hope you are aware of the fact that AB Sea Container can fabricate exactly as per one`s requirement. So,You need a container in shape of pyramid! You call us.

Description Length Width Height
Segment Dimension 20' / 6096MM 40' / 12192MM 45' / 13716MM 8' / 2438MM 10' / 3048MM 12' / 3657MM 8'6" / 2590MM 9'6" / 2895MM
Internal 19'3" / 5867MM 39'4" / 11989MM 44'4" / 13513MM 7'7" / 2311MM 9'7" 2921MM 11'7" / 3531MM 7'8" / 2337MM 8'8" / 2642MM
Door opening - - - 7'7" / 2311MM 9'6" / 2896MM 11'6"/ 3505MM 7'5"/ 2261MM 8'5" /2565MM