Office Container

Similarly known as Porta Cabin, Site Office Container, Temporary Office Space, Office In A Container, Insulated Container, Bunk House Office, Mobile Work Shop, Mobile Workstation, Portable Office, Prefabricated Cabin, Prefabricated Officeand many more.

Office container is as the name suggests, it`s an office inside a shipping container. Shipping containers are almost invincible and perpetual and now you have an office inside a container, which can be moved all round the globe. The ruggedness of container and candor of one’s officeOffice containers are very pocket-friendly and with our rapid availability and finalization it can be shipped within 24 hours to one`s desired location.

Office container offers infinite benefits and has Durable & Long life as well as protects one from the numerous elements of nature. With ease to transport to remote locations,portability is the most preferred quality of these Office Containers.

Office containers are different from Freight containers, as they are insulated (to prevent vibration, Drastic change in temperature and to control noise) along with this they are paneled from inside with wall-like structures, which gives a room-like finish on the interior walls. Once inside, one wouldn't be able to conclude, that they are in a steel box. Office Container is the fastest way of occupying an office space along with initiating official or commercial activities. We offer office container with furniture, electricals and all types necessary complimentary products, which are used in an office to ease our customers from any hassle. AB Sea Container delivers turnkey containers, so that from the moment they are installed in one`s site they are usable. What we have different, is a within-a-day delivery, Yes! We can Produce and Deliver Office Container within 24 hours for immediate requirements.

Standard Internal and external dimensions

We hope you are aware of the fact that AB Sea Container can fabricate exactly as per one`s requirement. So,You need a container in shape of pyramid! You call us.

Description Length Width Height
Segment Dimension 20' / 6096MM 40' / 12192MM 45' / 13716MM 8' / 2438MM 10' / 3048MM 12' / 3657MM 8'6" / 2590MM 9'6" / 2895MM
Internal 19'3" / 5867MM 39'4" / 11989MM 44'4" / 13513MM 7'7" / 2311MM 9'7" 2921MM 11'7" / 3531MM 7'8" / 2337MM 8'8" / 2642MM
Door opening - - - 7'6"/ 2286MM 9'6" / 2896MM 11'6"/ 3505MM 7'5"/ 2261MM 8'5" /2565MM

Insulation and accessories, which we offer

We hope you are aware of the fact that AB Sea Container can insulate, add and remove accessories as per one`s requirement.

Name Of Material Different Types Available
Insulation - 50mm/75mm/100mm Glass wool/Rockwool/Puff/Fiberglass/EPS Board/Thermocol
Wall Paneling Or Room Finish PPGI Panels/Wooden Panels/PVC Panels/Aluminum Composite Panel/Plaster Of Paris
Roof Paneling Or Roof Finish PPGI panels/False Ceiling/Grid Ceiling/Wooden Panels/PVC Panels/Aluminum Composite Panel/Plaster Of Paris
Flooring Vinyl/Ceramic Tiles/Marble/Wooden
All Electrical Item Of Isi Standards
Lighting Cove Lights/Led Lights/Tube Lights/Grid Light
Power Plugs And Sockets 2.5/5/10/13/15/16/20 Amps And Even More
Connectors Intercom/Internet/Ethernet
Circuit Breaker MCB/RCCB/ELCB/RCBO
Airconditioner Split/Window/Portable
Workstation Wooden/PVC
Table Marble Top/Wooden Top/Glass Top Table/PVC Table
Chairs Executive/High-End
Sofa Sofa
Storage Compartments Overhead/4' High/Full Height
Door Wooden/PVC
Window PVC/Aluminum

Although we are happy to collude any ingenious idea.