Similarly known as Modular Site Office, Pre-engineered building, PEB Structureand many other terms.

Prefabricated Shelter is the hybrid solution for today's immediate requirement of accommodation, official, commercial orany other uses. Irrespective of infinite benefits, the construction is very easy. It is process that goes on step by step so we can modify it as per one's requirement. Yes it can be extended or modified, whenever you want to make changes in your Prefabricated Shelter, even at the final moment! It is easier to modify till the end stage. Easy to construct & easy to finalize and when one feels like changing the position, dissemble it and its ready to move again. To meet massive on-site staff accommodation we have over the time, systematically collaborated numerous containers together, to form a bigger working area and fabricated shed on top to protect it from the elements of nature.

Prefabricated Shelter is very unique in all aspects and competences and can be fully rendered as per one's requirement. Full customization is offered for our customers so that one can enjoy the end product exactly as per their requirement. AB Sea Container delivers turnkey Shelters, so that from the moment they are installed in one's site they are usable. Prefabricated Shelter is the fastest way of occupying a terrain along with initiating any activities likeofficial, residential, commercial and many others. We offer Shelters with furniture, electricals and all types necessary complimentary products, which are required to ease our customers from any hassle. Once installed,Prefabricated Shelter can be used for infinite purposes as per the ingenious ideas of the user.

They are insulated (to prevent vibration, Drastic change in temperature and to control noise) along with this they are paneled from inside with wall-like structures, which gives a room-like finish on the interior walls. Once inside, one wouldn't be able to conclude, that they are in a steel structure.